Patrick Mauk, Maker


I recently visited the studio of Patrick Mauk, who I met through his job at the Dayton Visual Arts Center.  I asked Patrick how long he had worked at DVAC.

“I started working there part time in 2004.  As the organization grew, I became a full time employee and my responsibilities expanded.  Now I am the Gallery Manager.  I also oversee the exhibition design, preparatory duties and assist with all things related to the gallery.”  Continue reading

Kyle and Kelly Phelps – ceramic sculptures


These identical twins are college professors by day and artists by night.  Kyle Phelps is an Associate Professor of Art and head of the Ceramics area at the University of Dayton.  Kelly Phelps is the head of Sculpture and the Fine Art Department Chair at Xavier.  The two live in Centerville and work together nightly in a small studio in one of their homes.

Their work has been exhibited in more than 100 juried, solo, invitational, regional, national and international exhibitions.  Continue reading

Chloe McEldowney, Painter



Chloe is an artist from the small town of Russia, Ohio.  She recently graduated from the University of Dayton, and has exhibited her artwork across the state of Ohio as well as in California and Massachusetts.  When I contacted Chloe about photographing her at work, she told me she had recently moved into a studio in a farmhouse north of Dayton.  Continue reading

Abby Rose Maurer, Painter/Drawer


I heard that Abby Rose Maurer, a painter and recent University of Dayton graduate, was working for artist Mike Elsass and painting in Mike’s studio space in the Front Street Warehouse.  But when I contacted Abby about a studio visit, I learned that she had a new job at Stivers School for the Arts and was now painting in her Oregon District apartment.

I first learned about Abby a few months ago when she had a solo show at the High Street Gallery.  Even before I saw the art, the title of the show, “tylenol + beer” caught my attention.  Continue reading

Susanne Scherette King, nonfigurative painter


I decided to visit Susanne Scherette King after seeing her solo show at the Dayton Visual Arts Center.

I asked Susanne why the title of the show was “narrative.” She explained that the paintings are a portion of a story – a beginning, middle or end.  That is why she gives them titles like “the street was empty until he turned the corner.”  Before her successful painting career Susanne taught writing in the Oakwood school system. Continue reading