Jacob Des – Artist


I first saw art by Jacob Des as I was working on a project for the Dayton Visual Arts Center.  As part of the lead-in to their annual art auction they had me visit 10 of Dayton’s leading art collectors.  Each was photographed with one of their favorite pieces which had been purchased through the Dayton Visual Arts Center.  Continue reading


Mychaelyn Michalec – Painting in the Dark


An artist friend said I had to meet Mychaelyn Michalec, a painter who was creating fabulous work in her basement in the dark.  My friend knew I would be intrigued and would want to arrange a photo shoot, which I did.

When I arrived, Mychaelyn offered me a cup of coffee and showed me some of the art she has collected, all by Dayton artists.      Continue reading

Darren Haper, Painter


I first saw the artwork of Darren Haper online, and decided he was a Dayton artist I wanted to meet.  Shortly after that I met the new Facility Coordinator at Rosewood Art Center, also named Darren, who was nice enough to help me carry my work into the Rosewood Gallery.  I didn’t realize that these two Darren’s were the same person until I attended a show at the Dayton Visual Arts Center showcasing five young artists to watch in 2015. Continue reading