Caitlin Cartwright – Social Change Artist


I first met artist Caitlin Cartwright at Dayton’s Front Street Buildings, on a night when more than three dozen studios and galleries were open to the public.  Caitlin was the featured artist in the Color of Energy Gallery, and her vibrant painting-drawing-collages were creating quite a stir.

Caitlin explained that there was a narrative underlying each of her works, and I asked her to tell me a bit about some of them. Continue reading

MB Hopkins – artist


I have seen the work of MB Hopkins for years but I only met her last February.  MB uses her art to support causes that are important to her, and in February she was at a Courthouse Square immigration event.  MB had created a beautiful art work and was giving prints to people in exchange for their contribution to the local Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace. This organization provides no-fee mental health services in several languages to refugees and immigrants.   Continue reading

Paul Henry Martin – Luthier


About three years ago I started taking photos of people at work.  Since then I have photographed hundreds of workers – from butchers and bakers and candy makers to clowns and sculptors and fire eaters.

I have especially focused on two groups of workers.  One group is Dayton artists working in their studios, the subject of this blog.  The other group is workers in some of the region’s oldest factories.  Many of those photos have been shown in art exhibitions in Ohio and neighboring states.   Paul Henry Martin is the first person I’ve met that fits into both of these groups. Continue reading