Jim Delange, glassblower


I have seen Jim’s beautiful glass vessels at many places around Dayton.  They are at Kettering’s Art on the Common, The Fine Art Center at Cross Pointe, and DVAC’s ArttoBuy Holiday Gift Gallery.  A few weeks ago I visited Jim to see how he makes those vessels.

Jim first took classes in blowing glass 7 years ago and was completely hooked.  “The process is as much demanding and exhausting as it is gentle and graceful,” he explained.  “It is completely addicting.”

Glass blowing hasn’t completely taken him over.  Jim still has a day job.  But every weekend, he and fellow artist Jim Leonard make glass art.


As I watched, Jim Delange made three large vessels with the assistance of Jim Leonard.  I loved watching the two, doing a “dance” they had done many times.  No words were spoken.  Each knew their steps.

By the time they made the third bowl, I had figured out my own steps.  I knew where I needed to be to get these photos of the making of one of Jim’s glass vessels.












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